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On paper, Marc and Lauren seem as compatible as oil and water, but it’s their differences that make them such a strong team. They have two very distinct approaches to life and business, but both are driven by a shared desire to be their best every day. Marc has more of a quiet determination about him, focused and dedicated to creating positive results.

Lauren is also very determined, but her style is anything but “quiet.” Always full of energy and enthusiasm, she likes turning challenges into opportunities with a no nonsense attitude. Like most siblings, Marc and Lauren have always had a bit of a rivalry with one another. Yet as a family, they share a bond that is truly unbreakable. They share the same value system and commitment to the needs of their real estate clients. You might even say it’s what they were born to do. 

Marc and Lauren represent the fourth generation in their family to call Connecticut home and also the fourth generation in real estate. Their great-grandfather, grandfather and father were all successful and well-respected brokers. “It’s always been important for us to not only uphold the strong reputation our family has built,” Marc says, “but to build on it and take it to the next level.”

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